Kitchen Lingo: Know what they’re talking about! Part 2 2

In addition to our first set of definitions,  here you will find a few more key elements to be familiar with that will be sure to come up in your discussion when renovating!

island2Island: Free standing structure made of cabinetry and a counter top, accessible to all 4 sides. An island is a great space to incorporate a sink or cook top, or great for extra seating!

peninsula1Peninsula: Same concept as a kitchen island, but attached to a wall and only accessible on 3 sides.  A peninsula is a great way to divide 2 rooms, without closing off a space, yet still giving it the open concept feel.

working_triangleWork Triangle: Placement of the 3 main work stations in your kitchen, minimizing traffic, while maximizing efficiency. The fridge, sink and stove are within 12-26 feet apart total, allowing the chef easy access to all 3 stations when cooking up a storm!

corbelsCorbels: Most commonly used as a decorative accent or counter top support, the corbel is typically made out of the same material as the cabinets ( same species of wood) and adds elegance where mounted.

lazy_susanLazy Susan: A corner cabinet with shelves inside, mounted on a vertical axle that spins, giving you more storage space and easy access to all items inside. Stay tuned for more definitions soon to come!

Did you miss anything?
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    This little tutorial is on kitchen lingo is very helpful.

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