House and Home TV – Behind the Scenes

If you’re into interior decorating here in Canada, you’re probably pretty familiar with House and Home magazine. They are one of the top media outlets when it comes to anything to do with design in your home. We recently worked with House and Home on a series of 3 videos featuring our designers, homeowners and their AyA Kitchens. The results were spectacular and we received great feedback, you can check out the latest video inside.

Now the general public usually only gets to see the finished product. We thought it would be cool to take you behind the scenes with some pictures of the people that make this all come together. We worked with Sheri Graham (Director TV Production & Online Video) and Jason Stickley (Director of Photography) who made everyone feel at ease and made sure everything moved along smoothly. Sheri and Jason have been working together on House and Home videos for six years and it shows in the expertise they bring to each project

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Videos are a great way to really engage our customers in the kitchen renovation process. Advances in technology allow us to make high quality videos that bring real homeowners, real designers and no scripts into our viewers homes.

Stay tuned for more great AyA videos coming your way.



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