Nuit Blanche

Saturday night the city came alive for Nuit Blanche. It was my first time attending after many failed attempts previous years. The night featured art installations throughout the city of Toronto and gave a great insight into the direction which Canadian Contemporary art is heading.

We didn’t really have a detailed plan for the night but we had 3 sections we wanted to hit. The main areas we stuck to were Spadina Museum, Nathan Philips Square, Yonge Street, Eaton Centre and then all along Queen St from Yonge to Dufferin. We got to see some great and varied pieces, everything from beautiful stem cell art photos, dresses made from grasses and leaves, projections on City Hall and a visit from your friendly neighbourhood Spiderman. There was something for everyone but I have to say that the best part of the night was the energy and atmosphere in the city. Everyone was out to have a good time and enjoy.

The night involved a lot of walking which is one of the reasons I decided to pack light and not bring my Digital SLR (which I later wish I had). I read somewhere that “the best camera is the one you have on you” which in my case was a cell phone camera. The pictures are a little grainy but give a good feel for the night.

Did you get to check out Nuit Blanche? If you did, let us know what was your favourite part? Send us your pics.


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