YTGA Fundraiser

On Saturday September 8 YTGA (Youth Troopers for Global Awareness) held a fundraiser at the ‘New to Be’ Studio 89 Fair Trade and Artademic center Café for youth – by youth at 1065 Canadian Place, Unit 104 in Mississauga (Eglinton/Tomken).

YGTA is launching a social enterprise. What is a social enterprise, it is essentially a business that does good! The space is still in the early stages of construction but with the help of the YTGA team, they decorated the concrete walls with art from students and served some sample items from their proposed menu.

Their chocolate chip cookies and brownies were out of this world! The “Open Mic Without The Mic” was great entertainment with comedic humor and watching all the local talent was amazing.

The overall look of the Café will be mixed colors and textures since all items have been donated. From the sofas, tables and appliances that have been donated from the community and Habitat to Humanity, to the 2 toned kitchen that AyA Kitchens and Baths has donated to this youth program to help them create this space. All donations are a great help to get this program up and running. The purpose of this event was to raise funds towards the renovations and to spread the word of the concept of Studio 89. If you would like to know more about the Youth Troopers please visit their website,

To see more info about Studio 89 and AyA click here:

Images Provided by: Sheryl Sharma


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