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Earth Day Canada is a national environmental charity that was founded in 1990, educating Canadians on conserving and re-using materials to improve our planet by reducing our carbon footprint and enhancing the quality of life on Earth. The charity is celebrated by an annual gala recognizing those that go the extra mile to make our world a better place with celebrity appearances, this year which included Canadian singer-songwriter Sarah Harmer and This Hour Has 22 Minutes’ Shaun Majunder. The gala features 2 awards; Outstanding Commitment and the Hometown Heroes Award which recognizes and celebrates environmental leaders making a difference in their community.

This year’s 9th annual gala was a special one for Freecycler and friend of AyA; Gordie Wornoff of the Discovery Channels’ Junk Raiders, taking home the Small Business Hometown Hero Award. Gordie’s passion and talent for turning unwanted items into creative and beautiful pieces earned him this year’s spotlight and we couldn’t be more proud! Gordie has worked with AyA on several projects in the past including recycling cabinetry from client installs, to reclaimed cutting boards, made from our very own off cuts.

Gordie is also working with AyA on our most current community project; Studio 89; a fair trade cafe in Mississauga run by the youth of the YTGA.

Congratulations Gordie on this amazing accomplishment!

For more information on the award visit the Hometown Hero’s recognition page here:

To find out more about Gordie and his business; A Higher Plane, click here:

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Gordie Wornoff


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  2. Reply Jean-Philippe Maltais Sep 26, 2012 2:22 am

    This reminds everyone that recycling is one of the best solutions in order to keep and maintain our environment. Go-green campaign has spread its words to every corner of the world. This guy has earned his achievement by dedicating his life to recycling.

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