Canadian House & Home – Renovator’s Notebook: Kitchen Design Challenges

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Part 1 – Kitchen Design Challenges

AyA KITCHENS and CANADIAN HOUSE & HOME have teamed up for an exciting new project. Producer/director for online decorating shows, Isabella Cairess Favaro enlisted the help of AyA Kitchens & Baths to help give her kitchen a well-deserved facelift.

Isabella will be blogging her entire AyA experience from start to finish, the before shots, her ideas, visiting the showroom to eventually the unvealing of her new AyA Kitchen.

Below is how it all got started, read Isabella’s own words and thoughts and get a peek behind the scenes of how a kitchen gets transformed.

“As a producer/director for online decorating shows, I frequently see a lot of beautiful kitchens. Yet not too long ago, my own kitchen wasn’t that dreamy. Don’t get me wrong, my kitchen is a really good, large space, at around 19 x 23 feet, but it was very poorly laid out. It’s all my fault — I renovated it in 1999 and was left with a terrible work environment. Now, 12 years later, I enlisted the help of AyA Kitchens & Baths to help give my kitchen a well-deserved facelift.

With the sink in the corner, everyone was always clustered in the same corner to work. The cupboards on the left also ended awkwardly before reaching the end of the wall, which meant we had almost no counterspace. To create another prep area, we added an island, but it never looked right in the room. The mismatched cabinetry, varying door heights and finishes looked very “bitsy” — it wasn’t a well-thought out space, which made it a really painful kitchen to work in. Not to mention the yellow. I had gotten so tired of those yellow walls. The eat-in dining space wasn’t well used either, and added even more wood than was needed to the room.

With all of this, it was about time for a kitchen makeover. My colleague, Cameron MacNeil, had worked with AyA Kitchens & Baths before, and so I ended up working with them to give my kitchen chic bistro style and ample workspace. The company creates custom-looking cabinets for a much lower price than a custom kitchen would cost, so was very appealing for the project.”

Read Isabella’s full blog entry here.


Follow the entire Kitchen renovation experience and the process behind it step by step.
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Photo Credits: Isabella Cairess Favaro and AyA Kitchens


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