Holidays in the Kitchen 2

It seems as though we always tend to spend more time in the kitchen at this time of year, whether it’s preparing comforting meals to warm the chill out of our bones, or holiday treats for loved ones. And if you’re anything like me, it’s at this very time of year that you start thinking, and wishing, you had more storage and counter space and, as much as you appreciate the help in the kitchen, if you get bumped or knocked or asked “where is the….” one more time, you might just lose it!

It’s these moments that you need to remember when you start planning your Dream Kitchen renovation. Be sure to include as much workable counter space as possible, and if you can, include more than one work station so that multiple people can use the space without stepping on each other’s toes.

Measure your favourite serving platters and dishware; if they are oversized and larger than the depth of a standard cabinet, be sure to include a section in your kitchen that is deep enough to house these items so they can always be close at hand. You can even turn this into a focal point, staggering the depth and height of the cabinets.  If you tend to do a lot of baking, not only over the holidays but throughout the year, why not include a dedicated bake station. You can keep all of your baking supplies, pans, sheets and mixer in the same place, and include an electrical outlet nearby. This way you can save time with the convenience of having everything in the same place when you need it.

Until you might actually be able to renovate your kitchen, why not try a few simple things to keep you sane during this busy, action-filled and kitchen-crowded time of year;

1) Keep surface clutter to a minimum. Find a better home of the incoming mail. Remove unused small appliances from the countertop and only keep out what is absolutely necessary.

2) Organize your drawers and pantry shelves by specific purpose or task. For example, dedicate a  drawer  for cocktail station items; napkins, bottle opener  corkscrew etc.  Or, a shelf for all of your baking ingredients. You might even go so far as to make labels to aid guests or helpers.

3) Move serving platters, wine glasses, tea cups and any other frequently used  entertaining items to an easy to reach spot, so when the time comes, you won’t be struggling to serves your guests.

With a little planning and organizing, there’s no need to have a panic attack when a car unexpectedly pulls up in the driveway, or, someone asks “tell me how I can help?!”. Being a great host need not cause premature greying, just a little pre planning and you’re all set!


2 thoughts on “Holidays in the Kitchen

  1. Reply David West Dec 14, 2010 3:33 pm

    Well written posting! To go a step further one thing I like to design into my kitchens is to add in a second utensil drawer. This allows kitchen wanderers to access the forks and knives without crossing paths with the person doing all the food prep. just make sure it’s well out of the way of their traffic pattern.
    Keep up the good writing.
    David West

  2. Reply Heather Dec 14, 2010 10:06 pm

    Thanks David! that’s a great idea too. The second utensil drawer would be really helpful on a peninsula or island, on the out-facing side!

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