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Living and designing for a small kitchen space can be challenging. Scale is always a factor no matter what type of space you’re working with, but a small space doesn’t have to mean small ideas. Get creative with BIG IDEAS!

Wall Cabinets
One of the simplest small kitchen design ideas is to choose wall cabinets that are taller than your standard size cabinet. Use all your available height for your wall cabinets and go all the way up to the ceiling, use 36” or 42” wall cabinets rather than the standard 30” if you have 8 ft ceilings. Consult a professional and consider removing bulkheads to add extra height. Adding a deep cabinet above the fridge and double your storage space there instantly. Continue this idea throughout the rest of your kitchen and double stack your wall cabinets.

Use deeper wall cabinets up high, on top of a standard 12” deep wall cabinet to add extra room. A different colour or glass door can also add an interesting focal point or frame your kitchen. Be sure to store items you use often in the lower cabinets and less used items up high.

Maximize Corners
There is so much space in the backs of corner cabinets that we rarely use, luckily, there are plenty of hardware options that tackle this problem. Wire pull-outs, also known as “magic corners” make the most out of those tricky corners. They’re made using baskets that pull out or rotate. Maximize your usage by installing a lazy susan which pivots around and brings items that are located in the back of the cabinet towards the front.

Appliances also eat up a large chunk of your kitchen. Consider your appliance sizes, do you need a 30” stove or a 36” fridge and 24” dishwasher? Perhaps downsize your appliances to a 24” stove, or a taller 24” or 30” fridge and an 18” dishwasher to add to your counter space and base storage. Most over-the-range microwave models are equipped with a fan to vent the range beneath it, and have a lighting feature.

You can free up your counter and keep your cooking functions together by using one of these. Add panels to integratable fridges and dishwasher to create a constant look that blends into the rest of the kitchen.

A shallow 12” deep, floor to ceiling pantry will do wonders for your kitchen, without making too much of a foot print in your layout. Need more storage space? Use that deep fridge upper over your fridge and you have the perfect depth to incorporate a deep pantry adjacent to your fridge. Don’t have room for a pantry or can’t spare the counter space to incorporate one?

Consider nearby areas outside of the kitchen you can utilize, like a closet. Islands One of the most practical things that you can add in your kitchen design is a small island. The island can serve as a working space; provide you with extra storage space and with a simple extension of a counter overhang can create a kitchen table or breakfast bar.

Waste Management
Garbage and recycling bins can contribute to a great deal of clutter, especially in a small kitchen. A pull out garbage and recycling centre is the answer. Sliding trash and recycling systems come in several sizes and can fit into the narrowest of cabinets. So hide that garbage station out of sight and free up some room for that pantry or island!


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