Kitchen Reno’s – Step #1 Where to Begin? 3

I know this whole business of kitchen renovation can be a little intimidating (to say the least!) so I thought I’d give everyone an idea of what to expect and what the overall process involves. If you are reading this blog you’re already off to a great start!


Step #1

Start a kitchen wish list file. This will help narrow down your choices and help communicate your desires and needs to your designer.

Content for your file:

i) Clip outs from kitchen magazines – anything that catches your eye – ie. cabinetry,  door styles,  cabinet finishes,  countertops,  appliances,  sinks, faucets, etc.  A great “idea” magazine is Kitchen Trends, usually available at Chapters.

ii) Browse the web. Anything that grabs your attention print it and  add it to the file.   A few great sites/resources are:


Appliances (these are manufacturers only - you will buy your appliances from an appliance retailer):

Appliance Retailers (just a side note here… typically the appliance installation is not included in the price so remember to ask your appliance sales rep for information on the installation (usually an outsourced installer that you pay separately):

Backsplash: (tiles – glass, stainless, stone)
(tiles – glass, stainless, stone)

Counter Tops (material only – another company will actually fabricate the material into your fabulous new counter top): (quartz) (quartz) (stone, quartz) (Corian – solid surface) (recycled material with glass, poreclain and resins) (quartz) (solid surface)

Counter Top Fabricators (fabricators supply the material, template and cut/fabricate your custom counter top):

Flooring: (stone & porcelain tiles) (hardwood & cork)

Plumbing Fixtures (manufacturers only – you will need to purchase from a plumbing retailer):

Plumbing Retailers:

iii) Take some before pictures!   This is not only a great visual tool when first meeting with your kitchen designer, but also a great visual to show how far you’ve come once your renovation is complete.


iv) Rough measurements of your existing kitchen.  Keep it simple – overall wall length,  floor to ceiling height and window/door sizes & locations gives a great jumping off point to begin the design process.

Remember to add any tidbits of information that you get from the experts to your file.  Plus if you know of any friends who have previously gone through the kitchen reno process – get their advice and referral list – all invaluable tools.

Well I hope that this has helped in getting you started.  Have fun and stay tuned for Step #2!

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